Action Movie Rankings: A Reflection Of Society’s Shifting Cultural Norms

Action Movie Rankings: A Reflection Of Society’s Shifting Cultural Norms – Clockwise from top left: The Fablemans, All Quiet on the Western Front, She Said, RRR Mary Weismiller Wallace/Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment, Rainer Bajo, Universal, Raftaar Creations

It was a year of reflection and repentance, both in our lives and in films. In the most high-profile cinema of the year, this uncomfortable nostalgia – a sad and often painful reworking of past experiences – had a particular resonance.

Action Movie Rankings: A Reflection Of Society’s Shifting Cultural Norms

Action Movie Rankings: A Reflection Of Society's Shifting Cultural Norms

You hear it in the whisper of Sophie’s adult webcam, the noise that starts with Charlotte Wells’s Aftersun, a debut film that haunted my dreams so much after seeing it that I had to immediately re-watch it to get rid of it. Fell. My subconscious mind and back to the screen.

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The camera, like the rug that graces the bedroom Sophie shares with her partner, once belonged to her father Callum (charming Paul Mescali), who used it to take photos of old holidays he spent with 11-year-old Sophie. had to have. (Frankie Corio, making his directorial debut, is convincing and unforgettable) in a salty Turkish resort. The little bar inside the camera holds everything – an open treasure map of loss and understanding – and, sadly, not enough.

Action Movie Rankings: A Reflection Of Society's Shifting Cultural Norms

It’s a slide projector in All the Beauty and the Bloodshed, a vivid document of photographer Nan Goldin’s life and an exploration of the many ways a person can and should be political. The film is “Four Citizens” director Laura Poitras’s most successful documentary to date.

As Goldin re-examined her famous photographs of party girls, drag queens, abusive ex-boyfriends, and friends dying of AIDS, she was faced with the truth that many of these images decorated the walls and names of the Sacklers. But add shine to the galleries and museum wings. , a family that is knowingly profiting from the death and destruction caused by the ongoing opioid crisis. Righting that injustice gives Goldin, 69, a new purpose in life that has seen so much loss, igniting the past with an anger that can change the future.

Action Movie Rankings: A Reflection Of Society's Shifting Cultural Norms

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“Nan in the Bath with Roommate, Boston” by Nan Goldin, courtesy of All Beauty and Bloodshed. Nan Goldin / Neon

It is an 8mm tape that appears in young Sammy Fabelman’s editing machine as he slowly discovers the truth that will ultimately tear his family apart. This footage would form the basis of a “secret film” for the legendary director and screenwriter of The Fablemans, born filmmaker Steven Spielberg, which he would share only with his mother. The moment she watches the film in Sammy’s closet, when Spielberg cuts to the otherworldly Michelle Williams’ candid, emotionally buried face, is a powerful display of the kind of aching intimacy that only movies can produce.

Action Movie Rankings: A Reflection Of Society's Shifting Cultural Norms

The fact that The Fablemans, like Todd Field’s Tar and other “iconic” films released this year, failed to draw people to theaters is one of the main stories of this year’s movies and a sad but strangely delicious irony. is also. Five decades after Jaws ushered in an era of massive success, Spielberg has essentially made another “secret movie” (costing over $40 million) that will be shared with a select audience in theaters, which Often a little more accommodating than Sammy’s wardrobe. (Movie theaters have become the ideal refuge for people who want to escape the world but still can’t handle large crowds.)

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Welles, Poitras, and Spielberg’s films try to process the trauma that playing ping-pong between parents and kids can do, highlighting another noticeable trend in this year’s best movies.

Action Movie Rankings: A Reflection Of Society's Shifting Cultural Norms

In writer-director Colm Baird’s quietly devastating feature masterpiece, The Quiet Girl, an introverted 9-year-old girl finds respite from the emotional neglect and poverty of a crowded household when she spends the summer with a couple who find themselves stranded. . In the whirlpool of despair. Made entirely in the Irish language, the film is so poetic and precise in cinematic language that, like Aftersun, you feel as if you have not only seen the film, but lived it.

In a similar (but completely different) way to Turning Red, the Pixar film that was never released in theaters due to COVID, Mei is a 13-year-old girl coming to terms with her fading childhood as a Chinese immigrant Trying to balance that with my space. modern world. One day in Toronto and generations of suffering epitomize a magical curse that transforms him into a red panda at puberty. This debut film from longtime Pixar employee Domi Shea is loud and joyful in rancher colors, where The Quiet Girl is laid back and contemplative, but like Barred’s film, it also manages to reveal our inner lives and Cinema’s unique ability to make them pulsate with wonder shows that childhood, no. Screen size doesn’t matter.

Action Movie Rankings: A Reflection Of Society's Shifting Cultural Norms

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In Lucas Dhont’s Artie, the pain and loss experienced by 13-year-old Leo (Eden Dembrin, giving one of several fine performances in what has been a remarkable year for young actors) is almost too much. However, it is not so much the suffering that attracts you, but the purity and intensity of love between two people at the center of the story. From a bike ride through the Belgian countryside to a disparity laden with meanings that the children themselves don’t fully understand, Dhonto’s second film (after 2018’s controversial Girls) has an intuitive understanding of the rhythms of childhood and the many forms of friendship. . From that moment on, a potential flickers that stays with you for the rest of your life, even if your friends don’t.

At a time when we have not yet recovered from, or even lived through, a global pandemic that has changed our lives and relationships and taken so much from us, it is oddly appropriate that male friendship Another of the best-understood movies, like Close, also tackles mental health head-on.

Action Movie Rankings: A Reflection Of Society's Shifting Cultural Norms

The directorial debut (yes, another one) of comedian Jerrod Carmichael, who also stars in On the Count of Three, is as bleak as any film comedy, following two friends attempting suicide. That Carmichael extracts tenderness, love and sadness from this pit of despair is a testament to his sensitivity as a filmmaker and his excellent acting. For my money, Catch-22 star Christopher Abbott gives the best supporting performance of the year as Carmichael’s father’s roach-loving best friend, who carries around a backpack full of swords.

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The Broker, a South Korean film from mainstream Japanese director Hirokazu Kore-eda, extracts an unusual and vivid humanity from a concept that’s difficult to swallow. It’s about a laundromat owner (Parasite’s Song Kang-ho, one of the hottest movie stars of the year) who goes into hiding with an abandoned baby in a church and tries to sell him on the black market. . Filled with the same unexpectedly warm humor that 2018 brought us, Kore-eda’s production of Shoplifting adds new dimensions to our ongoing social conversations about family, choice, and class.

Action Movie Rankings: A Reflection Of Society's Shifting Cultural Norms

The intersection of family and identity is filtered through a quarter-life crisis in Cambodian-French director Davy Chou’s Return to Seoul, about a Korean-French woman who decides to take care of herself one night while drinking soju. And will try to contact his birth parents.

In a year that’s been marked by stunning performances by female actors — just to scratch the surface: Cate Blanchett in Tar, Danielle Deadwyler in Till, Michelle Yeoh in Everything Everywhere All at Once, Williams in The Fablemans, Aubrey Plaza in Emily the Criminal – First-time actor Park Ji-min’s fearless turn as a directionless lost soul wandering between worlds in Return to Seoul will likely be the performance that will stick with me the longest.

Action Movie Rankings: A Reflection Of Society's Shifting Cultural Norms

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Apart from brilliant heroines, this year was marked by the creativity and craftsmanship of various non-fiction filmmakers. This year’s captivating documentaries include Shaunak Sen’s All That Breathes, Daniil Rohr Navalny, Bianca Stigter’s Three Minutes: The Extravaganza, Sarah Dossa’s The Fire of Love, Sierra Pettengill’s Wrightsville. As impressive as this list is, it’s just a fraction of the extraordinary docs premiering in 2022. At the Sundance Film Festival.

Descendants of Margaret Brown also played at Sundance, where it won the Special Jury Prize. Thought-provoking and poignant, Mobile, Alabama native Brown’s fourth feature changed the perception of the past two and a half years of racial unrest for all who had the chance to see it. Based on the remains of the Clotilda, a ship that brought enslaved Africans to the United States two generations after slavery was decriminalized, the film explores resilience, community, and how the sins of our past continue to shape everything we see today . From who our neighbors are to the air we breathe. (That The Descendants was one of the best movies about the environmental disaster we’re all trying to avoid shows the depth of Brown’s accomplishments.)

Action Movie Rankings: A Reflection Of Society's Shifting Cultural Norms

Although the story of Clotilda was new to many of us (mainly to me).

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