List Of Animated Superhero Movies

List Of Animated Superhero Movies – Hello everyone. Today I’m sharing a list of my favorite DC movies, both live action and animated (I’ll be honest, I can’t really find 10 DC action movies that I like) and ranking them.

This is a movie I saw when I was very young and it stuck with me. The first one was good, but the plot as well as the action and effects didn’t grab me (of course, they seem dated now). This sequel expands on the first, with Reeves’ charisma and stellar performance as Scout, and it’s a lot of fun. “Kneel to Zod!!”

List Of Animated Superhero Movies

List Of Animated Superhero Movies

It may not be a standard DC movie, but it is based on a comic published by DC and written by Alan Moore. The main character V is a freedom fighter trying to free the people of London from the fascist government. It’s captivating from start to finish. Hugo Weaving (as a good guy for the first time) is so great and charming, Vi and Natalie Portman are great too, I don’t want to go into super details but it’s a nice detail. The message is strong and the action (though not much) is breathtaking.

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My fifth favorite Batman movie and the second in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy. The movie was well received by critics and considered the best comic book ever made, but not for me. Before you leave the blog or rush off to comment and write a 3 paragraph article, hear me out. It’s a good movie, no argument about that, the pacing, the plot, the structure, the character arcs are amazing, but I’m ranking them based on how much I enjoyed them, to quote “Batman Comic Book Movie” but that doesn’t really make it to happen for me. Obviously the best thing to hear is the Joker and even though I wasn’t a huge fan at first, there’s no denying that Heath Ledger embodies the Joker from the comics and he’s just a joy to watch, extremely dangerous yet funny, a calm and calculating madman, he was the best part of this movie and that made me not like him so much batman was just second fiddle and i didn’t like bale yes he was bruce wayne not bad but this guy is not as good as the voice on batman fights, oh my. But still a nice movie. “why so serious”

List Of Animated Superhero Movies

This movie is fantastic, with two legends in Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill voicing Batman and the Joker, and a great suspense movie based on a great animated series.

If the animation didn’t look dated, but it was still a good movie, it might have ranked higher on my list. “Hang in there, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.”

List Of Animated Superhero Movies

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Fun, exciting, action packed, that’s what I thought of this movie. It’s actually a perfect Suicide Squad movie. All these characters and everyone gets their moments and even with Troy Baker (VG Voice Legend) voicing the Joker, the acting is top notch. The plot is simple, but it will blow your mind and show you without flinching that this squad is actually made up of villains who kill people, betray each other and act just like the characters they are based on. “boom!”

Another “Wow Shocking” cartoon. I miss the days when DC made cartoons about other characters and this movie was shocked at how good it was because I saw several of my favorite characters get killed off (Slade:sobs:) I knew it was serious. Lightning messed up the timeline and he had to just fix it, but it also ended the world and started World War III. “And I’m the villain.”

List Of Animated Superhero Movies

This is the DC movie I’ve been waiting for, and not only is it the best movie in the DCEU, it’s also one of the best movies I’ve seen this year. It’s just fun and enjoyable to watch, Gadot really embodies the character and is the hero this dark DCEU needs, she is everything Superman should be, hopeful, joyful and inspiring. “I’m Above Average”

Anime Based On Dc Comics

My favorite Batman cartoon and I can say it’s awesome. The action is jaw-dropping, especially the face at the end. The voice acting is decent, but the performances from the dynamic duo of Greenwood and DiMaggio and Eccles as Jason Todd aren’t great. “Party Pooper”

List Of Animated Superhero Movies

Based on my favorite Superman comic, this movie even made me like the comic more. The story of a dying Superman coming to terms with his death was told brilliantly and the result was OMG I cried when the movie ended and the theme song started playing. “We are all connected”

Before we pick our top picks, let’s take a look at some movies that I liked but didn’t make the list.

List Of Animated Superhero Movies

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This movie is the best but it hurts me that people don’t watch it. It’s a Batman movie. Here he doesn’t have throat cancer and actually moves like a ninja-trained guy, and the action is great, and this movie brings Batman back from his long hiatus on the big screen. It sets up my favorite DC movie (so far) I Am Batman

Thanks for reading my list, if you have any comments please leave them in the comment section below, if you have your own list I’d love to see it. Until next time

List Of Animated Superhero Movies

This website stores cookies in your browser to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Please read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy for more information and to learn how to set your preferences. The big comic book giants Marvel and DC seem to love showing how their respective superheroes are part of a giant collective universe. The Marvel Cinematic Universe proved that this concept could be successfully realized, breaking new ground for the film industry. DC, on the other hand, struggles a bit in this area.

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The DC Extended Universe was a rushed venture with an uncertain future, although the TV-based Arrowverse became quite successful. However, one modern DC franchise that cannot be overlooked is the DC Animated Movie Universe, which consists of multiple interconnected animated films based on popular works. They may have been made for home media, but many of them are exciting, sharp and emotional films that can still rival higher end films.

List Of Animated Superhero Movies

An inexplicable madness is spreading among the people of the world, causing chaos and death, and the Justice League seems powerless to do anything about it. Faced with the possibility that magic is the source of the problem, Batman investigates with the help of mysterious characters on Earth, including John Constantine, Zatanna, the Dead Man, and others.

Justice League Dark isn’t the DCMU’s best entry narratively, though it still features a decent mystery and interesting characters. The film’s greatest strength is that the supernatural elements make it imaginative, and as the title suggests, it goes in a dark direction.

List Of Animated Superhero Movies

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The most famous comic storyline from Teen Titans gets a new spin as the eponymous superhero team battles Deathstroke and the Blood Brothers with the help of new member Terra, a renegade.

Despite a rather confusing and nonsensical opening sequence, the film moves forward with strong, relatable action and character development, especially regarding Terra. A clever mix of 2003’s loveable fallen heroines

List Of Animated Superhero Movies

A disturbingly depraved villain from both the animated show and the source material, this iteration of the Jewish big shot provides a tragic, mature and emotionally conflicted experience.

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Batman is dead. Or is he? Either way, Gotham has lost its protector in chief, which means that Nightwing, Robin, and their new allies Batwoman and Batwing must take on the daring criminals and find out what happened to the Caped Crusader What.

List Of Animated Superhero Movies

Batman is out of action for most of the film, giving the rest of the Bat-Family a chance to shine. They really shine, even Alfred, the ever-faithful butler. There is a lot of fun, drama and insight packed into the battles and conversations of the companions. Still, you can feel Batman’s presence throughout as you learn more about his psyche and the influence he has on those he mentors and inspires.

Adapted from the comic plot of the same name, Batman is terrorized by a mysterious enemy named “Hush” who seems to know everything about him. Meanwhile, Batman’s romance with Catwoman intensifies, which only puts her in more danger as Hush targets those closest to the Dark Knight.

List Of Animated Superhero Movies

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The classic is realized, and fans can certainly watch the animated version: a faithful and ultimately subversive effort that sees the eponymous character at his most vulnerable. The climax is sure to upset purists, but it just goes to show that the filmmakers are focused on creating an exciting narrative, not just providing fan service.

Superman is about to make a tough decision.

List Of Animated Superhero Movies

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