Remote Destinations: Where Unspoiled Beauty Takes The Spotlight

Remote Destinations: Where Unspoiled Beauty Takes The Spotlight – Traveling off the beaten track offers a deeper, more rewarding and richer travel experience. As travel becomes more and more accessible, many travelers are looking for undiscovered and hidden places to fulfill their love of travel and exploration. However, more people traveling means that many countries experience excessive tourism, which damages their environment and affects the local population. Undoubtedly, the world is still full of hidden gems waiting to be explored by travelers who dare to venture off the beaten track. Read on to discover six of my favorite unique places around the world!

This is a guest post by Joanna from Blondie Roams Free. Joanna is a full-time traveler who loves to explore off-the-beaten-path destinations and specializes in ethical travel.

Remote Destinations: Where Unspoiled Beauty Takes The Spotlight

Remote Destinations: Where Unspoiled Beauty Takes The Spotlight

Travel off the beaten track to unknown destinations that are off the tourist trail and largely unexplored. Although often difficult to reach and navigate, this challenge provides the thrill that adventure lovers need! Those destinations are located in natural areas, combining adventure travel with rural or community tourism. Those types of trips bring great benefits to the landscape and to the local people and their small, local economies and should be at the forefront of every caring traveler’s mind.

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Benefits for travelers include richer experiences, better interactions with locals, immersion in their culture and traditions, more enjoyable travel and away from the crowds.

Remote Destinations: Where Unspoiled Beauty Takes The Spotlight

The benefits of hosting countries and their residents include greater job opportunities and stable income, cultural immersion, preservation of culture and heritage, and conservation of wildlife and environment, among many other benefits.

Many long-term travelers eventually begin to long for a deeper connection so they begin to look beyond their destinations.

Remote Destinations: Where Unspoiled Beauty Takes The Spotlight

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The main reason for abandoning many places to visit and going on a more compact route is to avoid contributing to over-tourism and its problems. Tourism, although seemingly good, puts pressure on the countries we visit, their people and the environment.

A temporary visitor to a destination will not experience any of the negative effects created by tourism, but the local people and ecosystem will. That’s why we need to be more careful about our actions.

Remote Destinations: Where Unspoiled Beauty Takes The Spotlight

It goes without saying that all travelers should try to be as responsible as possible and should always consider the impact they have and make that impact as positive as possible.

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Extreme tourism, or unsustainable tourism, occurs when a destination becomes too popular and begins to attract an excessive number of people, which creates negative impacts on the environment and local communities.

Remote Destinations: Where Unspoiled Beauty Takes The Spotlight

Simply defined in the Oxford Dictionary in 2018, extreme tourism is basically “mass tourism”. Areas with more tourism than the economy, environment and residents can support fall into this category.

Bali, the new “pre-tourism” destination, with a boom in digital nomadism, has received 2.1 million tourists in 2022, and Machu Picchu alone receives 1.5 million visitors per year, on average.

Remote Destinations: Where Unspoiled Beauty Takes The Spotlight

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During tourism in other countries it is often crammed into small areas. For example, only Barcelona in Spain receives as many tourists per year as all of Mexico!

Tourists naturally love nature and the world. That’s why we travel: to spend time in nature, to be among the most beautiful natural areas on earth, and to appreciate what we see of our planet.

Remote Destinations: Where Unspoiled Beauty Takes The Spotlight

Our planet has never needed more help and care than it does now. As travelers, we need to take more care of nature. After all, what will we explore if we destroy nature and plants and animals? Furthermore, how wrong would it be if we just leave the place and go back to our homes, and the destination is left to deal with the consequences?

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Unfortunately, the environment is at the fore when it comes to negative consequences. Boxed songs are destroying the ecosystem. For example, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia is slowly disappearing as divers put pressure on this unique and very important system. Similarly, Maya Bay in Thailand is also facing a lot of pressure from tourists who travel by boat around the bay.

Remote Destinations: Where Unspoiled Beauty Takes The Spotlight

Another major consequence of over-tourism is the accumulation of waste. This is especially problematic in developing countries that do not have the resources or systems to deal with waste.

Unbearable amounts of waste lead to poor or no management, leading to tipping and overflowing sewage plants.

Remote Destinations: Where Unspoiled Beauty Takes The Spotlight

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In addition, tourism businesses are known to overuse resources that may be scarce elsewhere, such as water. Luxury hotels or resorts use unnecessary water in swimming pools or water decorations like fountains etc. Research shows that 100 hotel guests will use as much water in 55 days as 100 residents of developing countries, in three years!

Water is one of the most valuable resources used in the name of tourism. Pollution and land use are others.

Remote Destinations: Where Unspoiled Beauty Takes The Spotlight

Unsustainable travel also negatively affects local communities. The countries we visit are filled with people who often make our visit special. After all, they are the ones who warmly welcome you, cook for you, lead your tour group or accommodate you in their homes or businesses. It makes sense that travelers care about the community during their visit.

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Tourism brings economic benefits to local communities, as tourism creates jobs. In many cases, tourism is very important to national and regional economies. Many places, mostly the Caribbean Islands or Malta and Belize, rely on tourism as their main income. Travel and tourism contributes $5.8 trillion to global GDP.

Remote Destinations: Where Unspoiled Beauty Takes The Spotlight

However, this number is not evenly distributed throughout the country. While some places are the most visited in the country, many places are left out. Those people will benefit from tourism in their countries.

For example, it may come as a surprise that Hungary is the third most “pre-tourism” country in the world. This is due to tourists flocking to the tourist attraction – the capital of Budapest. A very popular city break, especially for Europeans because of the cheap flights offered by budget airlines such as Ryanair or EasyJet, which make this area easily accessible. The same goes for Barcelona, ​​​​Tulum or Cancun, Venice, Bali, etc.

Remote Destinations: Where Unspoiled Beauty Takes The Spotlight

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In addition, tourism is also responsible for increasing housing prices. Platforms like Airbnb and their users are to blame for the price hike. This was very common in European cities such as Barcelona, ​​Rome, Venice and Amsterdam.

Spreading tourists in the country will contribute to the solution of over tourism. Absentee travelers allow other communities to experience economic growth, among other positive impacts of tourism.

Remote Destinations: Where Unspoiled Beauty Takes The Spotlight

With the many negative consequences of excessive tourism, it is clear that discarding the ‘bucket list’ or ‘bucket list’ or ‘popular destinations’ is necessary for those who really care about nature, local communities and strive to be reliable travelers.

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With so much of the world seemingly explored, it can seem like there are no unexplored areas left. But luckily for us, the world is very big and full of amazing places. Even tourist countries like Thailand, Mexico or France still have hidden gems waiting to be explored.

Remote Destinations: Where Unspoiled Beauty Takes The Spotlight

England is a popular travel destination, but not many people leave London. With England’s 10 National Parks and 46 Areas of Natural Beauty, nature lovers visiting England will be spoiled for choice and will enjoy walking outside the capital. The Chiltern Hills are Europe’s most hidden gem. Nestled between the most touristic cities in England – London and Oxford, it’s a great alternative to the popular and crowded Cotswolds.

One of the most wooded areas in England is complimented by beautiful bluebell fields in spring, surrounded by dreamy British cottages and market towns. Steeped in history dating back to the Bronze Age and a wonderful place to observe local life and Britain’s rich culture, the Hiltern Hills are easily accessible. Because it is full of trails, paths and has an advanced bicycle network system, it is easy to get around, even for foreigners. It can be explored by train, car, bicycle or on foot.

Remote Destinations: Where Unspoiled Beauty Takes The Spotlight

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It’s full of cool visitors, local bars serving fish and chips, burgers or craft beers and breathtaking views. And the best thing about visiting this place of natural beauty is that it is not crowded at all! It’s also much cheaper than the more expensive Cotswolds, and is heavily visited by Brits, making it a great opportunity to mingle with the locals and immerse yourself in British culture.

Poland, in general, doesn’t get the air it deserves. Foreign tourists often spend their time in cities like Krakow, Gdansk or Warsaw, with little foreign tourism elsewhere. On the other hand, Poles love this area and often gather there for summer vacations or long weekends.

Remote Destinations: Where Unspoiled Beauty Takes The Spotlight

Mazury is a great destination for tourists who like active holidays, enjoy learning more about history and exploring unknown countries and unique natural areas.

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Mazury is a region rich in nature in northeastern Poland. Known as the “Green Lungs of Poland” or the “Land of a Thousand Lakes”, it has more than 2,600 beautiful lakes among many lakes.

Remote Destinations: Where Unspoiled Beauty Takes The Spotlight

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