Revealing The Stories Of Hollywood’s Hidden Gems In Biographical Works.

Revealing The Stories Of Hollywood’s Hidden Gems In Biographical Works. – A new documentary recreates the memories of Bowers, who boasted that he paired Cary Grant with Rock Hudson and Katharine Hepburn with 150 brunettes – and that he slept with so many actors that he didn’t have time watch their movies.

Scotty Bowers was a 23-year-old gas station attendant on Hollywood Boulevard when actor Walter Pidgeon approached the pump and asked the drunken blonde to jump into his Lincoln. It will be the trip of a lifetime. Pidgeon was gay, Bowers declared in his autobiography Full Service: My Adventures in Hollywood and Secret Sex Lives of the Stars, and that evening they became lovers. Bowers himself transcends labels. Years later, he shocked sexologist Dr. Alfred Kinsey by checking off every sex act on his list (and taking him to orgies to prove it). Boys, girls, husbands and wives, kings, consorts – and threesomes with Ava Gardner and Lana Turner. Bowers did it all.

Revealing The Stories Of Hollywood’s Hidden Gems In Biographical Works.

Revealing The Stories Of Hollywood's Hidden Gems In Biographical Works.

“[Kinsey] came looking for me,” Bowers, now 95, said one warm afternoon in a courtyard apartment in Hollywood. “The things he thought were impossible, I came up with.” With his spooky blue eyes and thick white hair, it’s easy to see why he’s so famous. He is full of energy, because although he spends his retirement gambling, he has promised that he will not eat as long as his lovers are alive. J Edgar Hoover? “Draw a picture.” Vivien Leigh? “A hot, hot woman.” Wallis Simpson? “A real mouth goat.”

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Bowers used to perform tricks in this very building. Today, director Matt Tyrnauer, a former Vanity Fair journalist, remade Bowers’ memories into the recent documentary Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood. Tyrnauer, sitting next to Bowers and whose progress was going smoothly, confirmed that he called the Kinsey Institute to check Bowers’ story. They know exactly who it is.

Revealing The Stories Of Hollywood's Hidden Gems In Biographical Works.

Everyone knows Bowers. George Cukor, Gore Vidal, Merv Griffin; Tyrone Power refers to him in letters, interviews and biographies, calling him “Scotty”, “Sonny” or just “the gas station on Hollywood Boulevard”. Tennessee Williams handwrote a 40-page story, something Bowers found deeply embarrassing.

“I said, ‘Tennessee, forget that bullshit,’” Bowers said. “I should keep it.” Instead, for many years he was forced to write his own memoirs. “I kept procrastinating and procrastinating, and suddenly, almost everyone they wanted me to write about was dead.”

Revealing The Stories Of Hollywood's Hidden Gems In Biographical Works.

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In 1946, the year he met Pidgeon, Bowers was competing for jobs with millions of returning World War II veterans. Rowing with a celebrity for $20 means more than digging a ditch for $10. After Pidgeon spread the news about his new friend, more luxury cars began to pass by. Before long, Bowers’ side hustle expanded to a trailer park with two king-sized beds, glory holes in the bathroom and a battalion of handsome men and women to groom for some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Bowers boasted that he paired Cary Grant with Rock Hudson when the Pillow Talk star was still named Roy, and introduced Katharine Hepburn to 150 beautiful brunettes. Regarding Hepburn’s rumored lover, Spencer Tracy, Bowers said that he also slept with him.

Hepburn and Tracy’s complicated relationship is a perfect example of Hollywood’s moral code – literally. The journalists decided that it was better to pretend that the friends were having an affair than to explain the real reason Tracy did not live with his wife Louise, to whom he remained married until his death. . Heterosexual love has been localized – even romantic – and he wouldn’t have gotten either actor. After Fatty Arbuckle was put on trial for the rape and murder of Virginia Rappe, movie studios began including a clause in their contracts that prevented actors from committing any criminal acts that might endanger their lives. danger of public hatred, contempt or ridicule. Even though the courts declared Arbuckle innocent – twice – Hollywood moguls still believed that a little indecency could destroy an entire industry. The swinging days of the early silent era ended overnight. The performers became the property of the studio: they were told how to dress, how to behave, and who to date, or at least pretend to be.

Revealing The Stories Of Hollywood's Hidden Gems In Biographical Works.

It was a profitable lie. Roy Harold Scherer cut his teeth and became Rock Hudson. When the tabloids began talking about Hudson’s marriage, executives promised him to his lesbian secretary, Phyllis. Archibald Leach changed his name to Cary Grant and married the beautiful Barbara Hutton, although the love of his life was screen boy Randolph Scott, with whom he lived for 12 years as a “roommate”. “. “The three of us got into a lot of love affairs together,” Bowers says in his book.

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Living a double life has taken its toll. Eventually, Hudson started drinking a bottle of Scotch a day and sleeping recklessly with strangers. Grant tried psychedelic and talk therapy during periods of dissatisfaction. “I played the person I wanted to be until that person became me or became me,” he told his biographer. Even his most famous quote – “Everybody wants to be Cary Grant. Even I want to be Cary Grant” — sounds like a whispered confession, or maybe a misdirection. What if he wanted to be free like Archibald Leach?

Revealing The Stories Of Hollywood's Hidden Gems In Biographical Works.

Bowers had assembled so many movie stars that he didn’t have time to watch their movies. “A movie takes several hours. I’m busy every minute.” When his daughter, Donna, died, he went back to work that day. He shares the house with his mother, long-term partner Betty, but only sleeps there a few times a year. In the documentary, he leans towards admitting regret over spending most of his nights in someone else’s bed. But he honestly admits that his only passion is money. He grew up hungry during the Depression, and as a teenager he pranked two dozen pastors in Chicago who paid him by the quarter. ​That would be abuse in the eyes of everyone but him. In the documentary, Tyrnauer repeatedly asks Bowers about his childhood and he does the same again today.

“It’s not a traditional view at all, but it’s his view and I don’t judge him for it,” Tyrnauer said. “I think everyone has to identify who they are and tell their story and express their faith.”

Revealing The Stories Of Hollywood's Hidden Gems In Biographical Works.

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“I think different people are different, that’s true,” Bowers replied. “I only speak for myself.”

While growing up at a gas station, Bowers never took money from anyone else. To him, that meant he wasn’t a pimp; he is the bringer of joy. “The most important thing is the company,” Bowers said. The LGBTQ community didn’t have many safe places to connect at the time. Homosexuality was illegal in California until the 1970s. When a deputy squad of the Los Angeles Police Department – the “Sex Gestapo,” Tyrnauer said – walked into a gay bar, the patrons were at risk. chances of being arrested, blackmailed, sent to a mental institution and they can be lobbied. The LAPD targets Hollywood glitterati because they have careers to protect and money to spare.

Revealing The Stories Of Hollywood's Hidden Gems In Biographical Works.

When the gas station became so popular, Bowers became a bartender for hire at parties, giving celebrities an even better reason to invite them into his home. That’s even dangerous. A police officer remembered Bowers’ car registration and pulled him over, threatened him a bit, and then unbuttoned Bowers’ pants while complaining about his unhappy marriage. “I hope he finds happiness,” Bowers wrote sympathetically.

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The deputy was responsible for Bowers’ remarkable memory. Halfway through, he recited the address of a silent film star who had been dead for 45 years. He is afraid of being raided, he rarely records his friends’ information. “It’s all in my head,” Bowers said. “I don’t hold anything back. If I write down a number, I keep it in my hand until I tear it out.” Even then, it swaps the first and last digits to ensure that the person’s identity is unknown. can be broken, a trick inspired by the Navajo code talkers.

Revealing The Stories Of Hollywood's Hidden Gems In Biographical Works.

Now, Bowers has no secrets. Critics have criticized the book and documentary for taking celebrities on trips without their consent. In the film, Tyrnauer makes film fans argue that legendary stars deserve more respect. Bowers said: “What’s wrong with being gay?” Others thanked him for showing the real person behind the studio’s story – for revealing their truth as if they were alive today. It’s impossible to know how Hudson and Grant would choose life in a country that has legalized gay marriage. Maybe her life will be happier. Although Bowers notes, even in 2018: “Not everything will be public.” Many actors have left but now they have to prove they can play gay and straight roles. his successor is Neil Patrick Harris; Matt Bomer is trying. Some people have decided that it’s even easier to hide.

When asked if he was bitching about anyone alive, Bowers revealed the name of a beloved actress and her “169 percent.”

Revealing The Stories Of Hollywood's Hidden Gems In Biographical Works.

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