Reviews On Enchantment Of The Seas

Reviews On Enchantment Of The Seas – Do you want to see the enchanted sea? Well, you want to take a cruise from Baltimore to Bermuda on Royal Caribbean’s Enchantment of the Seas. We traveled for 6 days from 3rd August to 9th August 2012 and found it very attractive with many people of different ages. I was surprised to see so many families with small children, and my photos can give you an idea of ​​how many people are on this boat and their ages. It’s a suitable cruise considering I have three children – they felt completely at home, and Adventure Ocean is not for small children. This ship can accommodate 2,446 people, and it’s packed! Here are some of my photos:

The main pool is located on deck 9, and is close to the children’s pool and splash pad. It’s a lot of money for the family; It takes a lot of thought to find the perfect solution where everyone can relax and enjoy the same space.

Reviews On Enchantment Of The Seas

Reviews On Enchantment Of The Seas

In the children’s pool, waiting for her lover? Chandi was very happy and the best part about this pool is that the kids pool is next to the main pool. Usually on cruises, the children’s pool is at the other end of the deck, but on Enchantment, the pool is nearby, so the whole family can have fun together, and the children’s pool is very safe. .

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Desserts on Enchantment of the Seas, served in My Fair Lady, a two-story dining room.

Reviews On Enchantment Of The Seas

Some pictures about the Magic of the Seas, the first one is on the stairs, and the last ones were taken at the Spa:

I was looking forward to seeing the park cafe and solarium, but I was disappointed because I love going there for breakfast on Radiance Of The Seas. However, as the pictures above and below show: there are other options for lunch, including pizza and tapas.

Reviews On Enchantment Of The Seas

Royal Caribbean’s Enchantment Of The Seas: Overview And Things To Do

Chandi comes back many times to get her face painted, but she has so much fun and loves it at Adventure Ocean, the best place for kids ages 3-11.

Our indoor room, although cramped for four, was very accommodating and we enjoyed our room.

Reviews On Enchantment Of The Seas

On day 6 there was a cake decorating challenge, and the Captain took part, and I think he won.

Enchantment Of The Seas Decks, Cabins, Diagrams And Pics

Two of the singers who are also the great dancers of the Orpheum Theater gave us a performance on the 6th of the month at the Centrum.

Reviews On Enchantment Of The Seas

On the 6th day, we will also have the International Parade of Bands, which is a fitting event, especially since the Olympic Games are taking place at the same time.

Want to learn how to create embroidery art? Well, in the Enchantment of the Seas, they did a demonstration of how to make a cow’s egg (however, I couldn’t do it).

Reviews On Enchantment Of The Seas

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Do you like Ben & Jerry’s? Well, their ice cream is on this ship (not included in the cruise) – you have to pay for this, as well as coffee and pastries and Lattetudes and alcohol.

Now for some pictures of Indian food – I finally found it on Day 6 at WindJammer Cafe. However, it is available daily on the menu at My Fair Lady, which is the designated dining area for dinner at 6 p.m. There’s always something Indian, from Sholay (chickpea curry) with rice and naan, to Aloo Gobi (potato and cauliflower) with rice and naan bread.

Reviews On Enchantment Of The Seas

The images below are: 1) Sweet Rice 2) Fish Tikka 3) Aloo Muttar 4) Tikka – Butter Chicken 5) Malai Kofta (shown in large image above)

Odyssey Of The Seas Cruise Ship

I don’t always like Indian food, but I usually prefer other dishes like the chicken dish shown below.

Reviews On Enchantment Of The Seas

People waiting on the boat are very dangerous. Our supervisor is the one waving in the picture below.

Well, that evening, the party is in full swing and balloons are flying everywhere! Both adults and children have a great time trying to catch the balloons.

Reviews On Enchantment Of The Seas

Royal Caribbean Enchantment Of The Seas Ship Pictures 2024

The performers who always welcome us at the Orpheum Theater, now entertain us at the Centrum, but there is a party atmosphere, a very nice way to end the cruise.

Final thoughts on your Enchantment of the Seas cruise experience. Well, I think it’s a great boat for a family, and there’s a lot to do. There’s bungee jumping, rock climbing, a bowling alley, a gym, ping-pong tables, a spa and, of course, the Orpheum Theater for great entertainment. Also, a big bonus on many other Royal Caribbean ships is the Adventure Ocean kids club, which made my family vacation so much fun, Chandi loved being there.

Reviews On Enchantment Of The Seas

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Royal Caribbean’s Vision Of The Seas: Overview And Things To Do

About me I enjoy travel, cruises and traveling the world. I love taking pictures and keeping those memories. I think about human rights. Give your system a break and press pause on the truth, because a good trip is just around the corner. Whether you’re chasing thrills on the climbing wall or playing poolside in the adults-only Solarium, Enchantment of the Seas® is the perfect escape.

Reviews On Enchantment Of The Seas

Spend your time soaking up the sun and relaxation by the pool, or fill your day in new ways with non-stop music and activities on every deck. On this ship, how you live is entirely up to you.

Take advantage of all the games on board so that the kids can enjoy the casino games for adults. Lots to do for the whole family.

Reviews On Enchantment Of The Seas

Enchantment Of The Seas Deck 3 Plan

12oz NY-Strip Steak served on the grill at Chops Grille. One of the best cruise ship hotels.

Whatever flavor you prefer, you’ll be sure to enjoy every meal on board. Visit the Garden Cafe for delicious food — like the famous “Kummelweck” beef sandwich, or Chops Grille℠ for a great steakhouse that shines light on great cuts of meat and seafood.

Reviews On Enchantment Of The Seas

Take in your favorite Broadway shows and box office hits in Stage to Screen’s original productions, or rock your head to music and rolls from iconic films that just can’t stop rocking. And if you’re looking for a little cardio, fire up the gym and head to Boleros, where you can show off your salsa moves to six live bands.

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Enchantment of the Seas® is your ticket to adventure, whether you choose the beauty of the tropics or the mystery of the Mediterranean. Explore the emerald shores of pristine Caribbean beaches or explore ancient Greek ruins and soak up the sun in the Western Mediterranean.

Reviews On Enchantment Of The Seas

The waters of the western Caribbean are yours for a weeklong cruise aboard Enchantment of the Seas® – departing from Tampa, Florida. Explore the beautiful jungles of Puerto Costa Maya. Meet the world’s only protected jaguar in Belize. And relax on the dock in Roatan.

Explore the beauty of the Mediterranean with Enchantment of the Seas® round-trip from major departure points such as Rome, Venice and Barcelona. Or take a boat to Greece and spend the week exploring the legendary beaches from Athens to Zakynthos. Whichever trip you choose, your Eurojump trip for the book will be unforgettable. The enchantment of the sea may not have all the color doping features of the new Royal Caribbean ship, but it makes for a fun and friendly atmosphere on board. wonderful. on vacation. The crew is always smiling and ready to play, and your group will share an infectious joy about the day’s activities. Plus, with a capacity for just under 2,700 boats, it’s easy to meet and get to know your shipmates. You’ll see the same people every day at pool, bingo or karaoke setting the stage. This versatile cuisine and a handful of resorts make dining a pleasure on the Royal Caribbean Enchantment of the Seas. Of course, the rest of the expenses don’t bother you, except for the first few days of the juice pack, of course, or going to the grocery store, the bright market for jewelry and souvenirs of the packaging. And when the boat really has grown-ups on board and in need of a refreshment, its small size makes it easy to handle children, elderly passengers and everyone in between. The charm of the Seas Deck Plan makes for an Easy Flow of Passengers and above all. Quiet Nights The Enchantment of the Seas design is very beautiful in many ways. Most of the time, the boat maintains it

Reviews On Enchantment Of The Seas

Enchantment Of The Seas Ship Stats & Information Royal Caribbean International Enchantment Of The Seas Cruises: Travel Weekly

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