The Influence Of Technology On Modernizing Classic Book Adaptations

The Influence Of Technology On Modernizing Classic Book Adaptations – Princeton theologian BB Warfield was a watcher on the wall of orthodoxy. His temperament, his education, and his talent – along with his deep love for Christ, and his amazing breadth of knowledge – made him the greatest defender of faith in the twentieth century. His writings have been studied with interest for over a hundred years, a tribute to his clear, thorough, powerful, gospel-centred explanation of orthodox Christianity, which he called “the religion of reconciliation” and which he defended fearlessly.

, Warfield shows that “it is just as impossible for Christianity to exist without Christ the Savior as it is for Christianity to exist without Christ the divine.” Warfield’s deep scholarship shines through in this new, expanded edition, which has been edited, formatted, and retyped for modern readers. His carefully prepared guides include full annotations at the beginning of each chapter, clever headings, clever paragraph breaks, explanatory notes, definitions of obscure terms, discussion questions, recommended reading, full footnotes and a bibliography, and more.

The Influence Of Technology On Modernizing Classic Book Adaptations

The Influence Of Technology On Modernizing Classic Book Adaptations

“I’m really excited to see these new editions of BB Warfield’s classics. Even for a man as brilliant and influential as Warfield, it was difficult to find his best works in one place or to print them at all. I hope that all ministers, students of theology, and interested lay people will get hold of these volumes. If they do, they will benefit from Warfield’s scientific accuracy, biblical fidelity, and deep personal piety.”

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“The Person and Work of Christ collects seventeen wonderful essays on Jesus in himself, Jesus as a sacrifice of reconciliation, and Jesus as the One we believe in and follow. BB Warfield’s work is always worth reading for its beautiful harmony of exegesis, systematic reflection, and personal commitment. Any number of Warfield’s articles are invaluable for their unique contributions (see “The Emotional Life of Our Lord”), for their contributions to basic theology (see “Major Theories of the Atonement”), or for their clarifying call to discipleship (see “Incorporation of imitation”)”.

The Influence Of Technology On Modernizing Classic Book Adaptations

Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology, Covenant Theological Seminary; Founder and director of the Faith and Work Centre, St

“Old Princes are in the spotlight again today as their theological approach, scriptural doctrine, and Reformed soteriology are resurrected. But they are not often analyzed in the field of Christology. Therefore, this new edition of BB Warfield’s works on Christology is an invitation full of potential. There is an opportunity here to consider the variety of ways in which Warfield communicated Christology in an age that is still influenced by modernism. Given the growing interest in the search today, this volume must return to the conversation as the next generation studies Warfield’s Christology in the light of our church fathers and their famous definition of Christology at Chalcedon.”

The Influence Of Technology On Modernizing Classic Book Adaptations

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“I bought the 1970 edition of BB Warfield’s five-volume collection of writings published by the Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company (now P&R) soon after they were published, and have referred to them time and time again since then. The Person and Work of Christ is extremely important to address the Apollinian tendencies in our time that shy away from addressing the true human nature of Christ. The chapter on the emotional life of our Lord is legendary, and deservedly so. Recent Christological debates on the issue of subordination have been anticipated and answered in this magnificent volume. The chapter on the work of Christ highlights the best that Calvinism has to offer. This latest edition is beautifully done and a must read for scholars, pastors, and anyone who wants to be thoroughly orthodox.”

“The interpenetration of doctrinal views and biblical details in BB Warfield’s work on Christology is a miracle beyond compare. Although these essays are more than a century old, they impress readers with paragraphs and passages that remain unsurpassed as a synthetic summary of the most important aspects of Christian thought.”

The Influence Of Technology On Modernizing Classic Book Adaptations

“P&R has done an invaluable service to the church by reprinting and updating many of B.B.’s important works. Warfield. The articles contained in The Person and Work of Christ still present some of the best evangelical and Reformed scholarship on the nature of the second person of the triune God and his unique work as Savior of the world. The updated edition of this seminal work should be warmly welcomed by scholars and pastors alike. A diligent student of Holy Scripture should familiarize himself with Warfield’s far-reaching treatment of Christological themes. For this, a person will be richly rewarded.”

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“B. B. Warfield’s clear and insightful articles on the person and work of Christ are a golden vein of commentary, clarity, and application. He is an astute biblical, historical and doctrinal commentator who never leaves the reader indifferent to the beauty and consistency of orthodox biblical faith. “

The Influence Of Technology On Modernizing Classic Book Adaptations

Lecturer in Church History, Union Theological School, Wales; author, Cornerstones of Salvation: Foundations and Debates in the Reformed Tradition

“When we consider BB Warfield’s book, The Person and Work of Christ, and especially the context in which it was written, it stands out for several reasons. First, Warfield begins the book with a brilliant biblical-theological approach similar to George Smeaton, taking the student of Scripture through progressive revelation to form doctrinal conclusions. Warfield does this with exceptional care and precision, showing that a sound operational approach and a high theology are not mutually exclusive. Another reason this book has stood the test of time is to be found in the second half devoted to the work of Christ. In this part of the book, Warfield expertly but succinctly sets out the various theories of reconciliation, laying the foundation to which the modern consensus owes its existence. Finally, The Person and Work of Christ encourages readers to reflect on the claims of Christianity and Christ in such a way that they can evaluate the validity of such claims. The Christ-centeredness of Warfield’s work is a heavenly height to which the department and the academy must once again ascend.”

The Influence Of Technology On Modernizing Classic Book Adaptations

The Politics Of Modernization: An Appraisal Of David Apter’s Contributions

“The doctrine of the person and work of Christ, consisting of two parts, was the only Christian doctrine which felt the most direct influence of historical-critical scholarship in the modern period. Characteristically combining his expertise in dogmatics with careful biblical exegesis, BB Warfield defended a particular Reformed statement of Chalcedonian Christology, together with its soteric implications, against contemporary challenges, including the tradition of the life of Jesus handed down by Schleiermacher and Strauss, neo- Kantianism. . the reinterpretation of the redemptive meaning of Christ, promoted by the Ritschl school, and the kenotic theories, which denied the impiety of God in a manner reminiscent of Hegel and German idealism. The general picture presented by this welcome volume is an “orthodox but modern” Christology which remains very relevant in our time, when proposals to reject, amend or correct Chalcedon rarely contain any arguments or substantial new evidence not already rejected in Warfield. work”.

“It is not often recognized that BB Warfield was first and foremost a Christologist. His writings in this field are extensive, his analysis of critical issues is precise, and his heart for our Savior beats through it all. Required reading.”

The Influence Of Technology On Modernizing Classic Book Adaptations

Pastor of the Reformed Baptist Church, Franconia, Pa.; Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; author, Theology of B. B. Warfield

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“I bought an original set of BB Warfield works from P&R in 1973. It was a lot of money for me at the time, but I quickly discovered it was pure gold. My copies today are worn from years of constant use. It’s hard to praise these new editions. Perhaps the inspiration and authority of the Bible through our cultural moment is even more important than it was when I first read it nearly fifty years ago. These improved editions will make Warfield’s works more useful than ever. Needless to say, I highly recommend them.”

The Influence Of Technology On Modernizing Classic Book Adaptations

“The timeless relevance of the theological contributions of BB Warfield, a prominent figure in Old Princeton, is reason enough for his writings to remain in print. But this new edition offers a number of improvements that make his work more accessible, useful and relevant. Enliven your teaching and your preaching by engaging anew with the precision, passion and power of a theologian described by J. Gresham Machen as “the greatest man I ever met.”

“There are very few authors whose works are so beautiful, so important, and so timeless that they deserve to remain in print decades or even centuries after they were first published. However, there is no doubt that Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield is entitled to this rare honor. For this reason, I am very excited to see this new series introduce her works to a whole new generation, who I believe will read them, appreciate them and benefit greatly from them.”

The Influence Of Technology On Modernizing Classic Book Adaptations

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“Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield was an experienced operator and a careful theologian. He was once a household name in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and is known for his voluminous works on a wide range of subjects, including exegesis and systematic, historical and practical theology. Whether on Scripture, Christology, Calvin, the Westminster Assembly, perfectionism, evolution, eschatology, or numerous book reviews, Warfield wrote with clarity, insight, and executive precision. John J. Hughes breathed new life into Warfield’s works

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