The Thrills Of Fast Cars, Explosions, And Heroism In High-octane Films

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A question that often comes up around these parts is where have the arcade racers gone, and one answer, as it turns out, is blindingly obvious; You can find them in the arcade. Cruis’n Blast, which just launched this week, is part of Other Dangerous Species, an arcade port that squeezes the best racer of 2017 onto the Switch, and many of us crave clumsy, absurdly brutal fun. serves. Pine for one of our racing games.

The Thrills Of Fast Cars, Explosions, And Heroism In High-octane Films

The Thrills Of Fast Cars, Explosions, And Heroism In High-octane Films

It may be surprising to find that bona fide arcade games still exist in this day and age, but if you’re lucky enough to stumble upon them, you’ll find that they’re mostly backed by one company: Raw Thrills, the watchful eye of Eugene Jarvis, a small, Skokie, Illinois-based company. the clothing. That would be Eugene Jarvis, creator of Defender and Robotron, another classic, as the video game world moved on from the smoky scrum of the arcade, Eugene decided to make it his lifelong home.

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I say all of this before we get to the incredible arcade action of Cruison Blast, whose racetracks are littered with parts that would make Fast & Furious blush and a pair of 50-foot yutes, because that’s exactly what it is. It seems important to understand this. It’s an arcade racer born from the Galapagos of arcades itself, the result of 30 years of discrete evolution and a game that’s become harder, more powerful, somehow more energetic. What a sight to see!

The Thrills Of Fast Cars, Explosions, And Heroism In High-octane Films

Like the original Cruis’n USA, Blast is a point-to-point racer with an emphasis on fun. If you overshoot a corner, you’ll scrape the ends of the track well; Once you defeat an enemy, you destroy them in a satisfying, spark-filled slow-motion, burnout style. There’s no real punishment for mistakes in Cruis’n Blast – it’s just throwing everything it can at you to push you forward and keep you smiling.

And the good lord does it. I want to tell you about Treks, but I’m afraid I’ll sound like an 8-year-old whose parents stayed up late last night to watch action movies. But anyway, here you go – you go to London and race to the top of the tube train before it crashes into another, leading the way through the spokes of the London Eye, freewheeling across the city, its wheels free from the wheel, track. to jump. Go to Los Angeles, and a giant donut will pop out of a cafe and cross your path as you run through town to the shipyard, inviting you to jump through its hole. The course is run on a jungle circuit, and the track often gives way underneath you during death-defying jumps to get your stomach turning a little faster.

The Thrills Of Fast Cars, Explosions, And Heroism In High-octane Films

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It’s not subtle, and it’s presented in a style that you might call incredibly obnoxious, with eye-popping neon and shiny metal swirled around until you feel like you’re playing a racer put through a deep dream filter. . It’s a style that encompasses every part of Cruison Blast, where you can paint your car any color you want, with two-tone chrome and unlockable vehicles including fire trucks, UFOs and Unicorns.

It’s trivia by its very nature – the original arcade’s five tracks are augmented with their variations, creating a series of six four-race rounds that gradually unlock as you earn a medal each time. Each car has its own progression system, unlocking upgrades and beads for body kits, and new cars are unlocked by collecting ferry keys at each level. It’s convincingly old-fashioned stuff.

The Thrills Of Fast Cars, Explosions, And Heroism In High-octane Films

Cruis’n shoots at 60fps, but it doesn’t always make it all the way through, but it’s never a problem.

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While whimsy always trumps elegance in Cruis’n Blast, there’s beauty at its core – the drift mechanic is incredibly flexible, allowing you to cash in on long lazy slides for a little extra power, meaning the speed is also electric. In the more pedestrian moments and clashes of the event, there were a lot of them, suitable meat.

The Thrills Of Fast Cars, Explosions, And Heroism In High-octane Films

You could argue that there should be a bit more to offer at the asking price, and the lack of online multiplayer seems a bit odd (though there is split-screen and local multiplayer, but you’ll need to install something closer), but I’ve never been particularly swayed. Cruis’n Blast delivers 90 seconds of carnage and explosions, fueled by the infectious energy that underpins Jarvis’ work. Here’s an arcade racer that could only be made in an arcade, and it’s one of the most consistently entertaining examples of the form on the Switch. If you spent any time in the arcade in the 1990s, you’re probably familiar with the Cruis’n series of games. Created through a partnership between Midway and Nintendo, Cruise’n USA was originally used for the Nintendo 64 (then known as the Ultra 64). It wasn’t true because the hardware used on the N64 was completely different from the arcade model, but it’s an aberration. Needless to say, the game was an instant hit with operators and gamers alike, giving Midway its signature racing series to compete against the behemoth Sega at the time. This continued into the 2000s, with sequels like Cruise World and Exotica, with each game building on the formula established by the first title and pushing it as high as they could manage.

After the release of Exotica, the market was without an official cruise game for a long time, but Raw Thrills filled the void with Fast and Furious games. The Cruis’n series was created by Eugene Jarvis, so when he created Raw Thrills with several Midway alumni, it was only natural to apply the same ideas to their first racing efforts. The Fast and the Furious came out in 2004 and was very similar to Cruisson but played with the now hot movie license. The FnF series did really well for Raw Thrills and helped establish them as the contenders they are today, but with the arrival of Super Cars and Super Bikes, it’s time for them to go back and revive the racers that influenced the genre. Since the mid-90s.

The Thrills Of Fast Cars, Explosions, And Heroism In High-octane Films

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Originally tested as Cruis’n Adventure and then Cruis’n Redline, the game experimented with some features such as a card dispenser before the design fell out of favor when launched in late 2016. Focusing primarily on popular, namely crazy, fantasy-based courses and nail-biting fast cars. Instead of the closed circuit courses and racing circuits that many other racers do, Blast maintains an open-circuit style of attacking checkpoints and taking some shortcuts and twisty roads before reaching the finish line.

In Blast, they actually played fantasy elements as opposed to trying to be a simulator. Stunts World was a thing for the series, so you’ll come across a variety of in-game situations that allow you to use them. There’s a moment in Death Valley where a large crack appears in an earthquake, allowing your car to bounce and spin, or when you have to reverse a wheel that comes off a hinge in London. Lots of satisfying “innards” (not in any sense…just broken, scattered elements) and things to explode – glass windows, fruit stands, cows, carnival parades, stone structures, etc. There are times when it can be broken. ). Colliding with these things doesn’t affect your car’s speed or direction, so it becomes part of the fun.

The Thrills Of Fast Cars, Explosions, And Heroism In High-octane Films

After releasing a coin, you will be presented with five tracks to choose from. It’s a bit of a departure from the Cruis’n and FnF games. While casual gamers won’t really care, it’s the serious gamers who will argue about this title. By comparison, CUSA and World both had fourteen tracks; There were bars in the exotic. FnF games with Super Cars make twenty-seven. Granted, there are many racers with only a few tracks, like Daytona, which only had three in the US. Still, even with the update below, it would be nice to get ten or more

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